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What do you know about Ramadan?

With over 3 million Muslims living across the UK, you'll probably know of a neighbour, friend or colleague who will be fasting throughout the month of Ramadan. But why do Muslims fast, and what's the significance of this Islamic calendar month?

A month of spiritual reflection....

Ramadan is the 9th month on the (Lunar) Islamic Calendar which sees Muslims fasting over a period of 29-30 days, from dawn to sunset, and abstaining from eating or drinking as well as an increased consciousness towards avoiding sinful acts.

It is common to have a meal before dawn (known as suhoor) and another (known as iftar) directly after sunset. Dates are traditionally eaten to break the fast at the time of iftar.

The month of fasting is an opportunity for spiritual reflection, increasing in acts of worship, good deeds and building stronger relationships with family and friends. Fasting forms one of the Core Five Pillars of faith which form a basis for how a Muslim should live their life.

Below are a couple of initiatives and free resources we have produced to help build better understandings, and create more inclusive environments:



Guidance for employers

Our mission is to bridge the gap between cultural awareness and workplace inclusivity, providing employers with the tools they need to support their Muslim employees during this important time of spiritual reflection and fasting.


So, we have curated a comprehensive set of resources designed to educate employers on the significance of Ramadan, offer practical tips for reasonable adjustments, and promote a workplace culture that embraces diversity.  This includes:
Free comprehensive employers guide to Ramadan

2. Guidance for staff (Word doc): How to support staff who may be fasting in the month of Ramadan?

Discover Islam presentation about Ramadan (pdf, also available as Powerpoint on request). Watch the delivery of a similar presentation for UBS and Nuffield Health.

We also offer workshops and training helping employers and staff gain a better understanding of what Ramadan is. Book a session, or find out more here.  


Join our Fastathon Challenge

Every year, in partnership with InspireFM raising funds for Luton Foodbank, we invite friends of all faiths and none to join our challenge. Simply skip a meal, donate the cost of a meal to the charity and join us for 'The Big Iftar' in Luton Town Centre.


Interested in setting up a Fastathon fundraising challenge in your school or workplace? Get in touch here.

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School visits and activities

Our team conduct training sessions for school staff on Ramadan and deliver assemblies or classroom lessons for students to enhance their learning experience.

View our education guide, book a training session or school visit here.

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